Planting a Multi-Ethnic Church

Planting a Multi-Ethnic Church

By City Collective


Crown Heights in Brooklyn has long been an historically diverse neighborhood, where a largely Caribbean community intersects with devout Orthodox Jewish neighbors. And as real estate prices continue to skyrocket in much of New York City, the demographics of Crown Heights are shifting, the process of gentrification accelerating and drawing young families, hipsters and creatives into the lower cost residences.

Amidst this changing landscape, Rashad Clemons and his wife Stacy, a native of Brooklyn, began sowing seeds for an ethnically, economically, and generationally diverse church plant with Trinity Grace. Jon Tyson sat down with Rashad at the beginning of the journey to hear his story of leaving behind the "Cosby" lifestyle he and his wife were poised to live with their four boys in the suburbs of Rhode Island, to follow God's call to return to New York City and plant a church that would stand in the gap as a pillar of reconciliation and partner with local community organizers who are working to end violence on the streets of Crown Heights.

Trinity Grace Crown Heights launched in 2014. They have developed strong ties to neighborhood organizations and are serving youth through their Summer Arts Camp, now in its 2nd year.