A Day in the Life: <br>Nathan Kollar

A Day in the Life:
Nathan Kollar

By City Collective

Nathan Kollar, is one of the founding pastors of Clarity LA in California and an ordained pastor with the Assemblies of God. This past year Nathan participated in our Leadership Collective, a one-year learning community that serves to resource church planters in cities across the country through sharing best practices, seasonal objectives, prayer, and authentic relationship with likeminded pastors. 

Nathan lives in Santa Monica with his wife Jessica and their two daughters, November and Kensington. Here is a peek into a typical day in the life of this west coast church planter.  


7 A.M.

7 A.M.

Meet with the Clarity pastors for breakfast, prayer, dreaming, and planning.

&nbsp; 10 A.M.

 10 A.M.

At the print shop with Alberto Bello (Clarity Hollywood pastor) and Josh Houston (Clarity Santa Monica associate pastor).

11 A.M. &nbsp;

11 A.M. 

The first ever Clarity Hollywood Welcome Cards and Launch Schedule. Historic.

&nbsp; 12 P.M.

 12 P.M.

Take my oldest daughter, November, to pre-school. Not sure how much she appreciated it.

1 P.M.

1 P.M.

Sign and send out checks to local and global causes that Clarity supports.


2 P.M. &nbsp;

2 P.M. 

Prayer walk at the Santa Monica Beach.

  3 P.M.

 3 P.M.

Sermon writing (pay no mind to the pen promo).

  6 P.M.

 6 P.M.

Home for dinner with my wife, two daughters, and Clarity team member, Dan Crismon.

7 P.M.

7 P.M.

Time with my wife, Jessica. Super mom.

  10 P.M.

 10 P.M.

My daughter Kensington finally falls asleep as she fights her first season of sickness brought on by teething.