Kingdom Life in <br>Contested Space

Kingdom Life in
Contested Space

By City Collective

As part of the 2012 City Collective Annual Gathering pastor Caleb Clardy shared lessons he's learned on how to combat the opposition that naturally arises from ardently seeking to remain faithful to Christ in our ministry. 

Caleb Clardy is the pastor of Trinity Grace Church Park Slope. In late 2005, he and a team from Florida moved to the city in response to God's call to help build up the church in New York and God's promise that every place they set their foot, God would give them (Joshua 1:3). While Caleb continues to shepherd the community in Park Slope he is also helping cultivate the vision for a new church plant in the Crown Heights neighborhood nearby. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife Allison and their three children Elijah, Luke, and Scout.