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Confessions of a Church Planter

Amidst the ever-growing pressures of life, Pastor AJ Sherrill finds in the Quiet the kind of discipline necessary to move beyond talking at God to growing with Christ.

The Kingdom in the Marketplace and the Home

Following a recent trip to visit City Collective partner Skyline Church in Oklahoma City, Jon Tyson shares how he saw the Kingdom advancing outside the typical rhythms of church programming. 

A Process for Sermon Development

From initial inspiration to final delivery, Pastor Jon Tyson gives us an in-depth look at his sermon preparation process for preaching in the city.  

Moving toward a<br>Missional Church

Through a balance of organized activities and organic relational connection, GCM Collective Director Caesar Kalinowski and his missional community are discovering how to live out an embodied Gospel in the context of a mission field-inspired model.

Called or Driven?

While wrestling with his own temptations to let his drive inform his call, rather than the other way around, Jon Tyson has found these signposts along the road of God's true calling in ministry.

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