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City Collective is a relational family of church planters, pastors, and ministry practitioners with a vision to join God in the renewal of our cities around the world.

Birthed out of Trinity Grace Church in New York City, and in collaboration with like-minded churches in other cities, City Collective's leading voices are church planting practitioners, actively working out the Kingdom of God in their context, particularly in the "post-Christian" cities of the Western world.  We think cities are one of the most important front-lines of global mission today.

We're primarily united by a desire to be Biblically faithful and missionally fruitful in the heart of our cities.  City Collective is for church leaders that love their city, and who aim to courageously design for the city - to share the Gospel story with increasing clarity for the present age.


STORY - We share lessons and stories about what God is doing in our cities, and the lessons and best practices that pastors, planters, and practitioners are discovering on the frontiers of city-mission.  You can find these conversations in mediums like our podcast, or our global Slack channel (coming soon).

MISSION - We equip church planters with the leadership dimensions necessary for spirit-empowered, culturally-intelligent ministry in cities.  Our accelerator is our most in-depth developmental program, by bringing together a cohort of current church planters with world-class mentors, including proven leaders from the church, and entrepreneurial leaders from other disciplines.

FAMILY - Our staff, apostolic team, and mentors will invest deeply into Collective churches and their leadership teams, through our programs, gatherings, and in other customized ways, to care for the health, vision, approach, and leadership of the church.

How to join

We believe community is more transformative than content.  The heart of City Collective is the shared friendships of church planters from cities around the world.  To join City Collective is to opt-in to a web of long-term relationships, more than short-term learning experiences.  We are aligned by shared mission, shared values, and shared imagination. 

If you'd like to get to know us better, opt in here, and we'll connect with you.